No snow but farmers ‘ski’ to the top of one of WA’s highest peaks

With not a snowflake in sight, two West Australian farmers have climbed one of the state’s highest peaks — on skis.

Boyd Rae and Beau Vaux undertook the challenging feat to raise funds for programs to help the physical and mental wellbeing of the region’s farmers.

At 1,099 metres, the Stirling Range peak north-east of Albany — Bular Mial in Noongar, or Bluff Knoll — is one of the only places in WA to record snow each winter.

There was no sign of the white stuff on Friday, just clear skies as the pair hauled themselves up the three-kilometre summit route.

“These skis are around 160 centimetres long and we had to contend with lots of stairs,” Mr Rae said.

“We had a few little slips backwards, which have excited everyone, but don’t tell anyone and don’t tell the missus either.”

The pair had to find creative ways to help haul themselves to the top.

“We brought some grappling hooks and some old bits of scrap metal we found that we’ve been hooking into trees,” Mr Rae said.

They hoped to raise enough money to expand Active Farmers programs to other parts of the Great Southern region.

“By giving real fitness classes and mental health classes, things like that to areas that don’t have access to all those kinds of things, it gives a great, consistent reason, week-in, week-out for everyone to get together and do a little bit of something for their mental and physical health,” Mr Rae said.