4. Design files

This page will be the repository for design files and templates to fabricate parts for Bootstrap. It will hold 3D design files (STL format) for 3D printing the parts, 2D files for CNC or laser cutting, and a printable template for hand cutting and drilling.

The 3D files are available this zip file:


The 3D files should be printed with 3 shells and 25% fill. A layer height of .2mm is adequate. Supports should be used for printing the motor mounts. Supports are not needed for the other parts.

You can copy the source files for these parts and modify them to your heart’s content with an account on Tinkcard.com. Just search on “robot50” to find them.

If you don’t have access to a 3D printer see the “7. Variations and Upgrades”┬ápage for files and instructions to cut a chassis using woodworking tools.