A big pile of boards. Want one?

As a first experience in creating a manufactured circuit board I decided to design a small prototyping board optimized for the type of project I typically undertake–one which uses an Arduino Nano along with a motor driver or other ICs and some components for sensors. I put together a page providing details of the board along with my first time experience in designing one and having it manufactured. The page also contains a link to the Fritzing project file for the board. I am putting 75 of these up for sale on Ebay. I will also bring some to Factur and the Orlando Makerfaire, so just ask me for one if you see me at one of those places.

In the meantime I have this neat box of boards sitting on my desk just asking to be put to work in projects……

A big pile of boards.
A big pile of boards.

One thought on “A big pile of boards. Want one?”

  1. That’s great, bring some to the Meetup tonight, I know some of us can give it a good use, thanks for sharing 😛

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